BOXBOX music. I had a lot of fun creating all these synths and composing this short piece. So check it out! You might be like “meh” but you might be like “OH YES”.

Fooled around with iMovie. Dug up an old beat I jotted yrs ago and the rhythm fit with this guys chomps, amirite?

BoxBox trailer…

Here’s a trailer for a friend’s newly released mobile/tablet game. He asked for some original music and I had a lot of fun creating this. Check out the game, it’s free!


I made some music for a mobile/tablet game called BoxBox: Electronic Sport for Two.

You basically battle an opponent who sits across from you IRL, trying to score touchdowns against them by swiping your finger to fling boxes at a single smaller box. Best of 5 wins.

I took my time with this project and tried to make nice loopable segments of song for each round of gameplay, while also keeping the complete song cohesive. I used Logic and made all the sounds from scratch (no presets or samples, yes I am pretentious)…except one supplemental sound that I recorded. Betcha can’t guess which sound it is!

I’ll upload the music soonish. Until then, enjoy BoxBox! It’s free on the iTunes app store, Google play, and the Amazon appstore.

Steel pint, courtesy of DIO Fest. And Bob drew me on it.

Steel pint, courtesy of DIO Fest. And Bob drew me on it.